Slime care

How to Play with Slime

  1. Clean a hard, non-porous surface
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water
  3. Pull your slime out of the container and have FUN!

Tip: Slime is best played with in quick motions to prevent it from sticking too much to your hands!

How to Store Your Slime

Slime is best stored in a cool environment away from direct sunlight. Heat and sunlight will deactivate (melt) your slime, which will require you to reactivate it sooner than necessary. 

It is not recommended that you keep your slime beyond 2-6 months. The time you should keep your slime depends on use, as repeated exposure to dust, dirt and skin oils will make your slime less ideal for playing. 

If you notice your slime has changed colour or has an odour, please dispose of it. 

Slime Issues 

Sticky Slime

Test your slime for stickiness by quickly touching the surface. If it seems that your slime feels more than just tacky or is sticking to your fingertips, follow the steps below: 

  1. Get a clean bowl
  2. Open your slime and spray activator on both hands and the top of the slime in the container
  3. Remove your slime from the container and place inside the bowl
  4. Knead your slime for 20 seconds
  5. If the slime is still sticking, spray 1 pump of activator onto your slime and knead again for 20 seconds
  6. Repeat the process only as many times are necessary to reduce stickiness

Stiff Slime

Slime can feel stiff because it has been over-activated, exposed to cold weather or if it's been left out to dry. 

To fix stiff slime due to cold weather:

  1. Let your slime come to room temperature
  2. Let your slime sit near a sunny window for a few hours
  3. Add a few drops of warm water and knead. Repeat if necessary.

 To fix a stiff slime due to over-activation:

  1. Let your slime sit for a few days to let the natural de-activation process occur
  2. Add a few drops of slime softener and knead. Repeat if necessary.

To fix a stiff, dried out slime:

Dried out slime can rarely be rescued, so it's best to always tightly seal your slime container to prevent this from occurring. You can also try the below tips:

  1. Add a drop of slime softener and knead. Repeat if necessary.
  2. Add a small amount of glue to your slime (white glue for white-based slimes, clear glue for clear-based slimes)

Clear Slime Not Clear Anymore? 

As you play with clear slime it will form tiny air bubbles that will give it a white/opaque appearance. Let your slime sit in the container for a week untouched and it will magically clear back up! 

Deflated Slime? 

All slime can deflate over time, it's completely natural and unavoidable. The only fix for this is playing with your slime to help build up natural air pockets that will temporarily re-inflate your slime. 

If you find your slime is always in a deflated state, it's time for a new one!