5 fidgets that you need in your life right now!

Fidget toys are so hot right now in 2021! Want to build your fidget collection, but don't know where to start? With so many to choose from we've narrowed it down to the top 5 based on a survey of our followers. 

1. Infinity cube

They don't call it infinity for nothing! Made of 8 cubes, this fidget fits so easily in one hand it allows you to work with one and fidget endlessly with the other. 

infinity cube


2. Wacky tracks

A wacky what? This fidget is made of an articulated chain that can bend into countless shapes, symbols, bracelets and even new fidgets! Now that sounds like fun!

wacky track fidget

3. Pop it

Probably the hottest fidget this Summer in 2021! Unless you've been sleeping under a rock, the pop it fidget lets you pop dimples - similar to bubble wrap. It never stops because once you finish you just flip it over and start popping again!

fidget pop it pastel tie dye


4. Stress ball

They feel like dough that you can stretch, pull, squeeze and knead! Give it a squeeze and get a satisfying tactile experience. Squiiiiiiish!

stress balls change color rainbow


5. Game controller

This is the ultimate toy for the game addict. Even if you're not a gamer, the game control pad will satisfy all your fidget needs as you can click, roll, spin and flick your way through any class or meeting!

game control pad fidget